​​​​​​​​​​​General Rules:

  • Shingled roofs are NOT allowed unless they meet specific criteria.  Please contact the Board BEFORE starting your project to avoid costly remediation later.  There is a form for this on the website.
  • Submit plans for new structures or additions to sheds, fences, walls, decks, or other buildings to the Board for approval BEFORE you begin.  These require Board approval.  Please use the form on the website.
  • No resident is allowed to cut any common area tree without express permission of the Board. Don't know where the common area is?  Ask.  Please use the form on the website to make requests.
  • No motorized vehicles allowed on trails without Board authorization.
  • Take trash home with you -- Don't leave it in common areas.
  • Common areas are for the use of residents and their guests.
  • Read the By-Laws and CC&Rs for more information.

Specific Rules for Sport Courts (Tennis and Basketball areas near 35th Ave):

  • Daytime Use Only.
  • Only soft-soled shoes allowed on tennis/pickleball court surface.​
  • Net Sports Only inside fenced area. This includes tennis, pickleball, badminton, pop tennis, volleyball or variants.
  • Activities which damage the surface of the courts are not allowed.
  • No tricycles, bicycles, skateboarding or skating allowed inside fenced area.
  • No pets within the confines of the tennis/pickleball courts.

Specific Rules for Lakes:

  • No swimming or motorized boats allowed.  Human-powered craft are welcome.
  • Fishing is allowed -- Catch and Release only!
  • Please do NOT feed the wildlife -- especially ducks and geese.
  • In winter, stay off the ice!  It is never thick enough to be safe.

Homeowners Association Rules

Hilton Lake Homeowners Association