Hilton Lake Homeowners Association

Homeowners Association Information

Board of Directors Meetings:

  • Board Meetings are normally held at 7 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month (see exceptions under Meeting Minutes tab) at the Hilton Lake Fire Station 12 (3525 108th St. SE, Everett, WA, 98208).
  • All Hilton Lake homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • Board Members are elected at the Annual Homeowners Meeting in March and serve a 3-year term (see By-Laws for details).
  • Annual Homeowners Meeting is normally held at the same location as above, at 7 PM on the 3rd Thursday of March.​​
  • Officers for the new year are selected by the Board at its first meeting following the Annual Meeting.

Current Board Members and Officers:

  • PresidentDave Meythaler (Term: 2021)
  • Vice PresidentAndrew Chaffin (Term: 2021)
  • SecretaryJim Brandley (Term: 2020)
  • TreasurerRob Marks (Term: 2022)
  • Sue Ellen Walko (Term: 2020)
  • Tammy Mally (Term: 2020)
  • Jemima Monroe (Term: 2022)

​​​​​​​​HOA Rules:

  • Shingled roofs are NOT allowed unless they meet specific criteria.  Please contact the Board BEFORE starting your project to avoid costly remediation later.  There is a form for this on the website.
  • Submit plans for new structures or additions to sheds, fences, walls, decks, or other buildings to the Board for approval BEFORE you begin.  These require Board approval.  Please use the form on the website.
  • No resident is allowed to cut any common area tree without express written permission of the Homeowners Association Board. Don't know where the common area is?  Ask.  Please use the form on the website to make requests.
  • No motorized vehicles allowed on trails without Board authorization.
  • No swimming or motorized boats allowed in the lakes.  Human-powered craft are welcome.
  • Fishing is allowed -- Catch and Release only!
  • Please do NOT feed the wildlife -- especially ducks and geese.  
  • Common areas are for the use of residents and their guests 

Good neighbor notes:

  • New neighbors? Welcome them to our community!
  • Please pick up after your pets. Everyone appreciates it.  The HOA provides bags at 3 stations (N lake, S lake, ball field).
  • Please observe speed limit in our neighborhood and look out for pedestrians.
  • Stop signs mean stop. No "California Rolls".
  • See trash in our area? Please pick it up. Every little bit helps.
  • Don't park your cars on the street or sidewalk. Emergency, trash, sweeper & delivery vehicles can't get through.
  • Use biodegradable soaps to wash your cars. Run off goes to the lake.
  • Be Coyote Smart.​

Please provide us your feedback! You may obtain information and support by e-mail to: 

  • Board@hiltonlake.org  (Communicate with your Board members) 
  • Webmaster@hiltonlake.org  (Website-specific suggestions and corrections)