Hilton Lake Homeowners Association Meetings:

  • Board Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month (see exceptions under Meeting Minutes tab) at 7:00 PM at the Hilton Lake Fire Station 12 (3525 108th St. SE, Everett, WA, 98208).
  • All Hilton Lake homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Hilton Lake Homeowners Association Board Members:

  • President: Dave Meythaler (Term: 2021)
  • Vice President: Andrew Chaffin (Term: 2021)
  • Secretary: Jim Brandley (Term: 2020)
  • Treasurer: Rob Marks (Term:  2019)
  • Bambie Fontana (Term:  2018)
  • Sue Ellen Walko (Term: 2020)
  • Tammy Mally (Term: 2020)

Good neighbor notes:

  • Stop signs mean stop. No "California Rolls"
  • Please observe speed limit in our neighborhood.
  • See trash in our area? Please pick it up. Every little bit helps.
  • Use biodegradable soaps to wash your cars. Run off goes to the lake.
  • Don't park your cars on the street or sidewalk. Fire trucks, trash, recycle, & delivery trucks can't get through.
  • Please pick up after your pets. Everyone appreciates it.
  • New neighbors? Welcome them to our community!


Remember- no resident is allowed to cut any common area tree without express written permission of the Homeowner's Association Board. Don't know what the common area is? Ask.

Remember to have the architectural committee review and approve additions to your property. It's in the by-laws. Remember to submit planned additions or changes to your home to the Architectural Committee for approval before you begin. A description and sketch of your project is required for quick approval.


Please provide us your feedback! You may obtain information and support by e-mail to: 

board@hiltonlake.org (Communicate with your Board members.) 

webmaster@hiltonlake.org  (Administrative suggestions, and community bulletin notes for this Website)

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Hilton Lake Homeowners Association