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Speeding in our Neighborhood

Speed Trailer for our Neighborhood

Hello Neighbors! There was talk at our annual meeting regarding speeding through our neighborhood and any solutions.  There is a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program that just might work well for us.  

For a neighborhood to be considered for inclusion in the program, it must meet minimum qualifying criteria pertaining to traffic speeds and volumes, and residents must submit a letter demonstrating neighborhood support--We must work together! I encourage you to explore the website listed above.

Radar speed signs (also called speed display signs, driver feedback signs, and "Your Speed" signs) are an effective tool to slow drivers down. The signs display the speed of approaching vehicles, making speeding drivers aware that they are exceeding the speed limit. Studies have shown radar signs produce 10-20% reductions in average roadway speeds, along with an increase in compliance with the posted speed limit. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has trailers available for dispatch at our North and South Precincts as well as many of our contract cities (i.e. Snohomish, Granite Falls, and Sultan). If you are interested in getting one of the trailers out to your neighborhood, contact Ray Baron (Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Director) at(425)388-5205.

Junk Vehicles

To qualify as a “junk” vehicle, per RCW 46.55.010, a vehicle must meet three of the following conditions:
-Must be at least three years old.
-Must be extensively damaged.
-Must be apparently inoperable.
-Must have a “fair market value” equal only to the approximate value of the scrap in it.

If the vehicle meets the above requirements, complete a Junk Vehicle Affidavit Inspection Request Form. You can also contact a law enforcement agency, 911 or an authorized junk vehicle inspector, to arrange for the inspection of the vehicle, per RCW 46.55.230. If not, refer to RCW 46.55 concerning abandoned vehicles.

The Junk Vehicle Verification, Notification, and Affidavit Form is available at the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) website.

Please have the form available for the law enforcement officer or registered tow truck operator (RTTO) to complete.

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